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The Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska (LEAG) is interested in cooperating in projects involving Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Rational Use of Energy (RUE).

PIC: 956501966

The LEAG was founded as a public institution by the Municipality of Kranj in 2009, and was co-financed by the European Commission programme Intelligent Energy Europe. We work in accordance with local and national programmes concerning RES and RUE. The agency offers consultation with municipalities and companies in the preparation of Local Energy Concepts, proposals for energy management and documents required by law. The LEAG assists local institutions in planning projects of RES and RUE. Our activities are directed towards raising public awareness in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources as biomass, biogas, geothermal, solar and hydroelectric energy. Through seminars, workshops, conferences and our website, LEAG is helping to remove or reduce local obstacles to the implementation of RES and RUE. One of our main goals is the implementation of new technologies to save energy in companies and public buildings. 

Past or on-going projects relevant to the proposal:
  • IEE project Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska
  • Implementing energy bookkeeping with target monitoring in public buildings
  • Coordination of energy management projects with public authorities
  • Educational activities and promotion

Short profile of staff members

Anton Pogačnik, M.Sc.

Anton Pogačnik received the title of European Energy Manager. As a director he is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all the LEAG's projects.  

In 1993 he took the position of Assistant Director at the Standards and Metrology Institute (USM) in Ljubljana, responsible for standardisation. In 1997, in post-graduate study at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Kranj, University of Maribor, he developed a thesis entitled 'Slovenian National Standardisation as a Management System'. It was one of the bases for the establishment of a new Slovenian Institute for Standardisation (SIST), which came into operation on 1st September 2001.

He has published a series of articles about standardisation in various Slovenian newspapers and professional journals, and he has made contributions at meetings and conferences in different fields of expertise, as well as at seminars and conferences organised by both USM and SIST. Some contributions have been presented and published abroad (Croatia, Germany, and the Czech Republic). He is the author or co-author of more than twenty scientific and professional articles and contributions.

Črtomir KurnikM.Sc.
Deputy Director

Mr. Kurnik is a Deputy Director, European Energy Manager and certified Accountant responsible for the economy, promotional activities, reports and coordination of LEAG projects. He has experience in the commercial sector on cost-cutting projects, analytical work, calculations and negotiations. 

Anton Marc, M.Sc.

Anton Marc, European Energy Manager, is responsible for implementing local energy concepts in municipalities. He is also a coordinator and supervisor for energy bookkeeping for municipalities in the Gorenjska region. 

Staš Kos, M.Sc.

Staš Kos, European Energy Manager, is responsible for implementing local energy concepts in municipalities. He is also a coordinator and supervisor for energy bookkeeping for municipalities in Gorenjska region. 

Jure Eržen, M.Sc.

Jure Eržen is responsible for the management of the EU project MODER - Mobilisation of Innovative Design Tools for the refurbishing of buildings at district level.

Managenergy LEAG

Name of organisation in original language:  Lokalna energetska agencija Gorenjske
Name of organisation in English: Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska
Abbreviation of organisation: LEAG
Country (NUTS 0): SI
Region (NUTS 2): SI02
Sub-region (NUTS 3): SI022
Postcode, city, street, etc.: SI-4000, Kranj, Stara cesta 5
Website: www.leag.si
Assimilated partner: No  
Type of partner: Public institution
Legal status: Public
VAT number (if applicable): SI83738975
Other national identifying number: 3531333000 Registration number

  • LEAG joined the Local and Regional Energy Agencies that have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors on 25/6/2014
  • LEAG submitted SEAP for the City Municipality of Kranj and for Municipality Tržič,
  • LEAG has prepared Local Energy Concepts for:
    • City Municipality of Kranj
    • Municipality Šenčur
    • Municipality Žiri
    • Municipality Medvode
    • Municipality Jezersko
  • LEAG has implemented energy bookkeeping in:
    • City Municipality of Kranj
    • Municipality Bled
    • Municipality Bohinj
    • Municipality Gorenja vas - Poljane
    • Municipality Jesenice
    • Municipality Jezersko
    • Municipality Preddvor
    • Municipality Šenčur
    • Municipality Tržič
  • LEAG has issued over 90 energy certificates,
  • LEAG has organised more than 10 conferences, seminars and workshops,
  • LEAG has participated in numerous international conferences and presentations of good practice

LEAG goals are:
  • preparation of a regional SEAP - Joint SEAP – option 2 (shared CO2 reduction commitment for 18 municipalities),
  • implementing energy bookkeeping in all municipalities in the region (18),
  • promotion of good practices in RES and RUE,
  • organizing dissemination activities,
  • to be recognized as an key stakeholder in the field of energy management in the Gorenjska region.

EU/international projects experience:
  • Project SECAP 
  • Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020 
  • LEAG is one of ten project partners
  • Duration: 1/11/18 – 31/10/21
  • Budget: 2.9 million EUR
  • Project BUILD2LC
  • Boosting Low Carbon Innovative Building Rehabilitation in European Regions
  • Interreg Europe 
  • LEAG is one of seven project partners
  • Duration: 1/4/2016 –  30/9/2020
  • Budget: 1.5 million EUR
  • Project CitiEnGov
  • Cities for a Good Energy Governance
  • Interreg Central Europe 
  • LEAG is one of ten project partners
  • Duration: 1/6/2016 – 31/5/2019
  • Budget: 2.1 million EUR
  • Project MODER
  • Mobilization of innovative design tools for refurbishing of buildings at district level
  • Horizon 2020 
  • LEAG is one of ten project partners
  • Duration: 1/9/2015 – 31/8/2018
  • Budget: 3.3 million EUR
  • Project MERCI 
  • EU coordinated MEthods and procedures based on Real Cases for the effective implementation of policies and measures supporting energy efficiency in the Industry
  • Horizon 2020 Project Nr. 693845
  • LEAG is member of advisory board
  • Duration: 1/2/2016 ~ 31/1/2018
  • Budget: 1.4 million EUR
  • Establishment of Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska
  • LEAG was co-founded by IEE project
  • Contract Nº: IEE/07/AGENCIES/679/SI2.499575 
  • Duration: 23/10/2008 – 23/04/2012 (start 1/1/2010, end 31/12/2012)
  • Budget: 352,420 EUR (EU contribution: 65.26%)
For further details please contact us by e-mail:

Phone: + 386 59 92 49 74
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