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BUILD2LC - Boosting low carbon innovative building rehabilitation in European regions

BUILD2LC contributes optimally to fulfilling the INTERREG specific objective 3.1, Improving low-carbon economy policies, given that it aims at promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy through the energy rehabilitation of both public buildings and the housing sector.

Project also prioritises the energy efficiency and an increased use of renewable energy as key elements in the process of the rehabilitation of buildings, with special attention to measures aimed at vulnerable customers.

Promoting the introduction of ICT solutions and other innovative solutions in the area of energy rehabilitation plays an important role in the BUILD2LC project, to enhance efficiency and intelligence in buildings.

All this will contribute to the creation of a specialised, competitive and innovative business sector, linked to energy rehabilitation, which will affect the creation and consolidation of quality employment, in line with the provisions of the Regional Strategies for Smart Specialization RIS3 and other Strategy Plans of the regions involved in the project.

Project focus:
  • professionalisation of the construction sector,
  • innovation,
  • activation of demand and combating energy poverty,
  • new financial instruments.

Project partners
  • Spain: Andalusian Energy Agency (AEA) - Lead Partner,
  • Spain: Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT) - Advisory Partner, 
  • Lithuania: The Public Investment and Development Agency of Lithuania (VIPA), 
  • Poland: Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (RRDA), 
  • United Kingdom: Severyn Wye Energy Agency Ltd (SWEA),
  • Croatia: North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (RGEA),
  • Sweden: Region Jämtland Härjedalen (RJH), 
  • Slovenia: Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska (LEAG).
  • Total budget:         1.658.987 €
  • Co-financing:            274.341 €
  • ERDF contribution:  1.384.645 € (83,4%)
Responsible for the project at LEAG: Èrtomir Kurnik, Deputy Director

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